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Mechanical Calibration Division


Our Lab Accredited by 'NABL' & Recognised by 'BIS'



Calibrate all types of Mechanical Measuring Instruments like

  • Plain Plug Gauge s ( IS:7859:1975 / ANSI/ASME B89.1 .6 )
  • Vernier Calipers ( IS:3651:1985 (Par t II)
  • Snap Gauge s ( IS:7876:197 5 )
  • Internal Thread Gauge s ( IS:1502:1996, BS 2779:1986, BS 919(1):1960, ANSI/ASME B1.2:19 83)
  • Inside Micrometer s ( IS:2966:1964 )
  • Taper Thread Gauge s ( IS:9475, IS 2251 )
  • Dial Indicators ( IS:2092:1983, IS:11498:1985 )
  • Outside Micrometers ( IS:2967:1983 )
  • Plain Ri ng Gauges ( IS:7876:1975, ANSI/ASME B89.1.6 )
  • Slip Gauges ( IS:2984, ISO 3650 )
  • External Thread Gauges ( ISO:1502:1996, BS 2779:1986, BS 919(1):1960, ANSI/ASME B1.2.1983)
  • Taper Internal Thread Gauges ( IS:9475, IS 2251 )
  • Bore Gauges ( JIS:B7515:1982 )
  • Pressure Gauges ( IS:3624:1987 )

Portable Surface Roughness Test - Measures irregularities of work piece surface Vision Co-Ordinate Measuring System

  • For taking dimensional measurement of different type of components with video and drawing in CAD
  • Renishaw touch probe is used to check the non-contact measurement of component, 3D measurement, Depth, Surface Counting, Surface Scanning including compler counting of mould.
  • Component size : 450x400x190mm
  • Job Weight : 20 Kgs max.


  • Tensile Strength / Yield Stress / Elongation (ASTM A370:12, IS 1608-2005, ISO 6892:1998)
  • Hardness Testing of Vickers, Brinell, Rockwell for Metals. (ASTM E92-82, ASTM E10-08, ASTM E18-08b)
  • Bend Testing for all metals (IS: 1599 : 1985)
  • Coating / Paint Thickness Measurement
  • Dynamic Balancing of Rotating Parts (ISO:1940 : 1973E)
  • Welding Quality Test (ASME SECTION IX : 2010)
  • Compression Testing of Cement Concrete Cubes, Bricks, Blocks & Pavers. (IS:456:2009, IS:1077:1992, IS:516:1959, IS:3495 (PartI):1992)


  • Impact Test by Charpy & Izod (IS:1757:1988, ASTM A370-12)
  • Compression Testing for Springs, etc., (IS:7906 (Part 2) : 1975)
  • Load Testing of Assemblies (IS:7906 (Part 2) : 1975, ASTM A-370-12)
  • Ultrasonic Testing for Internal Crack Detection (NDT) (IS:3664 : 19 81)
  • Magnetic Particle Test of Metals & Machined Components. (IS:10724, IS:7743, IS:10543)
  • Ultrasonically Thickness Testing for Boiler, Chimney, Pipes, Plates, etc.,
  • Water Absorption Test for Bricks (IS:1077:1992)


  • Spectro Analysis : Spark Emission Metal Iron, Nickel, Copper, Aluminium. (ASTM E415-08; ASTM E1086-08, ASTM E1251-07)
  • Internal Granular Corrosion Test (IGC) as per ASTM A262 : 2008
  • Water Testing IS 3025 : 1986
  • Salt Spray Testing : Silver Fog 450 Corrosion Test Chamber : Natural Salt Spray Testing of various powder coated, painted, galvanized components. Confirm to National & International Standards (ASTM B117 & IS 101 (Part 6 / Sec I):1988)
  • AAS Spectro Photometer : Analysis of Chemical Composition of PPM Level for Ferrous & Non Ferrous Metals, Oil, Soil, Fertiliser and Water ( IS 228 (Part 1 to Part 19 )
  • Bomb Calorimeter : Calorific value for Oil, Coal, Coke, Petrol, Diesel, etc.,

Scope of our NABL Accreditation (National Accreditation Board of Laboratories, New Delhi)

Division Scope
CHEMICAL TESTING Iron Base & its Alloys, Copper Base & its Alloys, Nickel Base & its Alloys, Aluminium Base & its Alloys
MECHANICAL TESTING Ferrous & Non -Ferrous metals, Springs, Steel Bars & Plates, Steel Tubes, Bricks & Cement Concrete Cubes
MECHANICAL CALIBRATION Vernier Calipers, External Micrometer, Depth Micrometer, Internal Micrometer, Setting Rod, Plain Plug Gauge, Plain Ring Gauge, Thread Plug Gauge, Thread Ring Gauge, Snap Gauge, Dial Gauge (Plunger Type), Dial Gauge (Lever Type), Len gth Measuring Machine

Scope Recognised by Bureau of Indian Standards, New Delhi (BIS)

IS Number Product
IS:1786 : 2008 Cold Twisted Steel Bars for Concrete Reinforcement
IS:2830 : 2012 Carbon Steel Billets (Standard Quality)
IS:2831 : 2012 Carbon Steel Billets (Ordinary Quality)

Our important latest technology equipments

Model : German 12871/06, Made in Germany
Application : Analysis of Chemical Composition of Ferrous & Non-Ferrous metals in percentage.
Base Metal : Fe,Ni,Cu & Al

Universal Testing Machine
Model : UTES 60, FIE, India.
Application : To check the Mechanical properties, Ultimate Tensile Strength, Yield Strength, % Elongation, % Reduction, Bend Test, Shear Test, Compression Strength, Proof Load test in area.
Capacity : 60 Tonnes

Universal Length Measuring M/c
Model : ULM OPAL 600,   Make : Mahr Germany
Capacity : Least Count 0.001mm
Application : To Calibrate Plain Plug Gauge, Slip Gauge, External Thread Gauge, Outside/Inside Micrometers, Depth Micrometer, Taper Thread Gauges, Dial Indicators.

Salt Spray Testing Equipment
Model : SILVERFOG 450 Make : CM Enviro Systems
Application : Corrosion Test Chamber – Natural Salt Spray Testing of various powder coated, painted, galvanized components. Confirm to National & International Standards

Vision Co-Ordinate Measuring System
Model : SVI-OCMM -CNL-442-V(II).
Make : Sipcon Instrument Industries, Ambala
Capacity : 450x450x200mm, Load=20 Kgs. Max.
Application : a) For taking dimensional measurement of different type of components with video and d rawing in CAD
b) Renishaw touch prob e is used to check the non - contact measurement of component, 3D measurement, Depth, Surface Counting, Surface scanning, counting of mould.

Newly installed latest technology testing equipments under ASIDE Scheme.

Microstructure Analysis

Automatic ( Motorised ) Microscope with Image Analysis.

Model : SuXma-MOTO
Application : Grain size, Phase, Inclusion, Cast Iron, Aluminium & Alloy, Banding, Decarburisation depth and 2D Analysis.

Abrasive Cutting Machine

Model : CCM-3
Capacity : Upto 30mm solid
Application : Sample cutting with sufficient amount of coolant flow enabled by 0.1HP Pump

Metallography Belt Grinder

Model : CBG-I
Capacity : Upto 30mm solid
Application : metallography specimen grinder for microstructure analysis

Automoatic Specimen Mounting Press

Model : CMP-P
Application : Quality production of specimen mounts with embedded single specimenmould with good finish.

Metallography Polishing Machine

Model : CPM-II
Application : Grinding & lapping operations

Digital Torque Wrench Calibrator

Model : GTS Make
Capacity : Torque sensors of 0-10kgm & 10-100 kgm
Application : Periodic calibration of static type Torque wrenches

Computer Universal Testing Machine

Model : HT2402-S2
Capacity : 20KN
Application : Tensile, compression, flexural & bend test for Rubber and Plastic products.

Dynamic Hardness Tester

Model : BSHT-FDHT6
Measuring Range : HBW,HV,HRC,HRB & Shore-D
Application : Portable Hardness tester in stores, on large & heavy components, permanently installed parts or on coatings

Izod Impact Tester for Plastic & Rubber Products

Model : IT-1.5
Capacity : 1.5 Joules
Application : Impact Testing for Plastic & Rubber products

Bend & Re-Bend Testing Machine

Model : BSBR-10FA
Capacity : Load Capacity 100KN Max.
Application : Bend and Rebend test for Carbon Steel Bars upto 40mm Diameter for RCC.

Charpy Izod Notch Broching Machine

Model : BSBM-F Manual
Capacity : Notch broaching with 25HRC
Application : To cut the notch (V or U)

Microhardness Tester (Digital Type)

Model : CMV-D
Capacity : Test Load 10gf to 1000gf
Application : To determine the hardness of gradient of a specimen along a cross section

Stereo Zoom microscope (Imported Assembled)

Model : SuXma-SZ I
Zoom Ratio : 6.4 : 1
Magnification : 7X to 45X, Dual Illumination
Application : To study macroscopy, welding, surface defects & textures, fractography, online inspection, electronic industry, gems & jewels industry, etc.,