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About Us


Karnataka Material Testing & Research Centre

( Assisted By : Govt. of Karnataka & Govt. of India )


The society is registered in the name of "KARNATAKA MATERIAL TESTING & RESEARCH CENTRE", UNDER THE SOCIETIES Act 1960. The organization has been financially supported by the Central and State Governments in the form of out-right grant. The State Government, through K.S.S.I.D.C has allotted twin sheds for development of Testing Centre. The organization has been promoted jointly by Karnataka Chamber of Commerce and Industry and North Karnataka Small Scale Industries Association Hubli and presently functioning as independent NGO for assisting the industries. The Governing Council Members consists of two Government organisations, one is from Central Government and another is from State Government, the director of MSME of Hubli and Joint Director D.I.C. Dharwad. We are grateful to the department of Industry & Commerce and also D.C.S.S.I. New Delhi, for extending their helps to the Testing centre.

The Testing Centre is already working since last 15 years with technically qualified and experienced staff. Governing Council Members are meeting every month to study the developments, activities and regular progress of the Testing Centre and also the day to day testing facilities needed by various industries so that the facilities can be provided to meet the industries requirements.


  • To act as an information source for specification and suppliers of testing machinery as well as graded raw materials.
  • To act as a technical information centre to provide technical library with an exhaustive range of Indian Standard Specification and other National Standards as BS, DIN, ISO and ASTM standards.
  • Provide standard Testing & Calibration Facilities of the Industries.
  • To act as a information centre to the Small Scale Units with the facilities available with quality promotional institutions and testing laboratories like Indian Standard Institution, Export Inspection Agency, National productivity Council, SOC Units of the Indian Statistical Institute and number of other Government and Private Organization in the region. To arrange and coordinate in-plant studies on quality control.
  • To organize in plant visits and depute study teams with the objectives of collecting information of quality control practices in various types of industries in the region.
  • To help the Small Scale Units in forming quality circles and organize annual quality convention in the region.
  • To act as a certifying agency for various quality control institutions, Large and Medium Scale Industries, Small Scale Industries and other Organisations.

Lab Quality Policy

Karnataka Material Testing & Research Center Committed to

  • Quality of its testing / calibrations as per customer requirements
  • Stated methods and compliance with ISO/IEC /17025 : 2005 to enhance customer satisfaction
  • Good professional practice.
  • Excellent service.
  • The Laboratory management’s commitment to comply with this International Standard & to continually improve the effectiveness of the managment system.

To achieve the above

  • KMTRC constantly endeavor to implement policies, procedures in the laboratory and familiarize all laboratory Personnel with its quality.
  • Provide appropriate training to all laboratory personnel.
  • Timely delivery of Test / Calibriation results.
  • Maintaining cleanliness, good house keeping and environmental conditions suitable for Tests/Calibration performed.
  • Constant upgradation of systems, procedures and practices committed to comply standard requirements.




Universal Length Measuring Machine ULM600 Calibrate all types of Mechanical Measuring Instruments like :

  1. Plain Plug Gauges
  2. Outside Micrometers
  3. Vernier Calipers
  4. Plain Ring Gauges
  5. Snap Gauges
  6. Slip Gauges
  7. Internal Thread Gauges
  8. External Thread Gauges
  9. Inside Micrometers
  10. Taper Internal Threads
  11. Taper Thread Gauges
  12. Bore Gauges
  13. Dial Indicators
B) Portable Surface Roughness Test Measures irregularities of workpiece surface
C) Vision Co-Ordinate Measuring Systems
a) For taking dimensional mesurment of different type of components with video and drawing in CAD
b) Renishaw touch probe is used to check the non-contact measurement of component, 3D measurement, Depth, Surface counting, Surface scanning, including compler counting of mould. c) Component Size : 450 x 400 x 190mm . d) Job weight : 20 kgs max.



  1. Mechanical Testing of Steel and other metals
  2. Extruded Bend Testing for all metals
  3. Hardness Testing of Rubbers, Polymers, etc.,
  4. Hardness Testing of Vickers, Brinell, Rockwell for metals.
  5. Plating / Paint Thickness Measurement
  6. Wrapping Test of Wires
  7. Dynamic Balancing of Rotating Parts
  8. Impact Test by Charpy & Izod.
  9. Compression Testing for Metals, Springs, etc.,
  10. Load Testing of Assemblies
  11. Ultrasonic Testing for Internal Crack Detection (NDT)
  12. Magentic Particle Test Metals & Machined Components etc.
  13. Ultrasonically thickness testing for Boiler, Chimney, Pipes, Plates etc.
  14. Components Quality Certification
  15. Welding Quality Test
  16. Galvanising Coating test
  17. Compression Testing of Cement Concrete Cubes, Bricks, Blocks
  18. Sieve Grading of Aggregates / Metals, Sand, etc.,
  19. Water Absorption Test for Bricks


  1. Analysis of chemical composition of PPM Level for ferrous & non ferrous metal, Oil, Soil, Fertilizer and water by AAS Spectro Photometer.
  2. Spark Emission Metal Testing by SPECTROMAXx, Base Metals : Iron, Nickel, Copper, Aluminium
  3. Carbon and Sulphur analysis by volumetric method
  4. Internal Grannular Corrosion Test (IGC) as per ASTM A262
  5. Metals Microstructure
  6. Water Analysis
  7. Bomb calorimeter : Calorific value for Oil, Coal, Coke, Petrol, Diesel etc.
  8. Salt spray testing : Silver Fog 450 Corrosion Test chamber : Natural salt spray testing of various powder coated, painted, galvanised componets. Confirm to National & International Standards (ASTM B117 & IS Codes)
Division Calibration
1 Universal Length Measuring Mahr, Germany 600mm
2 Vision Co-Ordinate Measuring Systems SIPCON, INDIA RANGE :450x400x190mm Job Weight : 20kgs max.
Division : Chemical
3 SPECTROMAXx Spectrometer Spectro, Germany Base MEtal: Iron, Nickel, Copper Aluminium
4 Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer(AAS) ELICO, India Testingof Water, Oil, Fertilisers, Soil Alloys (PPM Levels)
5 Ion Analyser ELICO, India Testing of Water
6 Water Quality Analyser ELICO, India Testing of Water & Soil
7 Water Quality Analyser OHAUS, Japan 210 Gms (LC .01 grm)
Division : Mechanical
8 Electronic Universal Testing FIE, India 600 KN
9 Electronic Brinell Hardness FIE, India 250 to 3000Kgs
10 Electronic Vickers Hardness FIE, India 5 to 50Kgs
11 Electronic Rockwell Hardness Tester-Scale 'A','B'& 'c' FIE, India 60,100 & 150Kgs
12 Electronic Digital Impact FIE, India 300 Joules
13 Electronic Dynamic Balancing FIE, India 3 to 100Kgs
14 Electronic Dynamic Balancing FIE, India 0.5 to 10Kgs
15 Electronic Compression Testing FIE, India 200 Ton
16 Electronic Spring Testing FIE, India O to 100Kgs
17 Electronic Weighing Scale Goldtech, India 100Kgs, (LC 10grm)
18 Electronic Ultrasonic Tester (Internal Crack Detector) EECI,India Measuring Range: 5mm to5 Mtrs
19 Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge EECI,India Measurini : Ranre : 1 to 200mm
20 Magnetic Partical Tester EECI,India MeasuringRange:Oto300mm
21 Portable Surface Roughness Mitutoyo,Japan 50mm Trave X-Axis
22 Pressure Gauge Testing Ravica, India 20-700 Kg / Cm2
23 Salt Spray Testing CM Enviro Systerm, India 400 Ltrs Capacity - SILVER FOG 450